Free Social Story Songs Teacher Kit

Includes everything teachers need to bring the power of Social Story Songs into the classroom. 

  • 11 Social Story Songs in MP3 format
  • 11 Karaoke Style Videos
  • 12 Full Sized Posters with illustrations and lyrics for each song
  • Full lyrics for each song

Karaoke-Style iPad & iPhone App

Learning is fun and interactive with our iPad/iPhone app. Children love singing along with the 11 catchy songs, while learning valuable lessons in acceptable social behavior. The lyrics are easy to follow as they scroll across the screen in a familiar karaoke-style.

Social Story Songs is a fun, non-confrontational way to teach socially appropriate behavior to young children and children with special needs. 

Download Social Story Songs Volume 1

Our 11 song CD is available for digital download on the iTunes store.  Each song tackles a specific problem behavior, using catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. As children learn the songs, undesired behaviors can be addressed by simply singing the songs to the child, eliminating the need for scolding or punishment, and reducing any unnecessary anxiety.

Song Titles:

  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself
  • 1 2 3 How Calm Can We Be
  • Quiet Hands
  • Censor It
  • Inside Voice

..and more!


About Brian and Chris

Brian and Chris are professional teachers and musicians, with a combined 25+ years in the education field.  Social Story Songs grew out of real classroom experience. We have found that music is a fun and powerful way to teach new concepts to students. It is with great excitement that we share our Social Story Songs with you!  

Brian and Chris are available for live performances and to write custom songs to target any behavior. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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